Easier Ways to Die Without Pain

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The topic of suicide is never discussed enough. Most people view it as a sad and gloomy subject despite the fact that thousands of people continue to commit suicide. But how do people commit suicide? What are the easiest ways to end your life?

In this article, we will discuss several ways that have proven successful in committing suicide. Some of them are old while others are modern.

Slitting wrists

People who love watching Netflix have probably come across a show called “13 Reasons”. It is a teen’s show that tells a story of a girl who killed herself by slitting her wrists. But how effective is this method?

According to statistics, there is a high probability that this method can fail. However, if done properly it will eventually kill you. Most people do it by locking themselves in a bathroom, sitting in a bathtub and slitting their wrists. They will then bleed to death.

When cutting the wrists, it is important to cut the right veins for the method to be a success. Note that this method comes with several downsides. One of them is pain.

Since you begin by slitting the first wrist, you can experience excruciating pain before you cut the second one and before you bleed to death. There is also the risk of calling out for help or someone finding you before you die. People who opt for this method should be fast in cutting their wrists and mentally ready for the pain

Firearm use

Most Americans commit suicide by shooting themselves in the head using a gun. The method is very effective if the shooter is precise. To guarantee death, they just need to shoot their brains out. To guarantee this, most individuals will shoot themselves by placing the gun in their mouth and pulling the trigger.

The method also comes with several downsides and can be an epic fail. According to statistics, there is a 5% chance you’ll survive an attempted suicide with a gun. Majority of people who survive a suicide attempt using a firearm end up in hospital nursing long-term bullet wounds. It might even cripple you for the rest of your life.

Sleeping pills

Most people have ended their lives successfully by overdosing on sleeping pills. According to studies, this is one of the most effective ways to commit suicide. There is one downside though, pharmaceutical companies no longer make strong pills that can kill. Because of this, it is possible to survive a suicide attempt.

Another downside is the body can subconsciously vomit the sleeping pills after you’ve swallowed them. Since most people take the pills when drunk, they will just become unconscious and wake up after a few hours.

Surviving such an attempt can be very detrimental to your health. These pills can be very damaging to vital organs such as liver and kidney.


Suicide by hanging is one of the oldest ways of committing suicide. It has also been used as a way of executing people. Note that the method can be painful and slow. However, if done right the victim dies a painless and quick death. All they need to do is be precise and ensure that the rope breaks their rope fast.

When using this method, ensure the rope is strong and will not break. If this happens, you might end up breaking your legs or spine after falling.

Drowning or suffocating yourself

These two methods work by cutting air supply to the lungs. They can be very effective if you’re okay with surviving a few minutes without breathing. The problem with this method is victims always come back to their minds and stop.

Throwing yourself in front of a moving train

Statics show that this is one of the easiest ways to die but also the most risky suicide method. If you are successful, the train will hit your head killing you immediately. However, there is a possibility of tripping and injuring your arms or legs. You can bet how hard it is living your life without legs or arms.

Before jumping in front of a moving train, do your estimates well and ensure you’re doing it in the right manner.

Note that these are only a few examples of easy ways to commit suicide. There are others such as breathing in carbon monoxide, throwing yourself off a building, cutting wrists and others. From what we’ve seen, all these methods come with certain disadvantages. Is there any other safe way to commit suicide?

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Final Words

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